Kutse õpetajatele ja õpilastele alates 14. eluaastast osalemiseks globaalsel internetikonverentsil: www.agenda21now.org

Dear educators, dear students, dear interested reader,

As every year we are inviting you to take part in our next global Internet Conference “Agenda 21 NOW!”.

During our conferences a large number of students from 50+ countries come together and discuss about sustainable development in the early 21st century.

A conference? Yes, Agenda 21 NOW! is a true conference taking place on the Internet, with conference rooms, moderators, international experts, workshops and really many registered participants who will be waiting to get into serious discussions with you. During 24 hours on 10 April 2014, from 00:00 to 24:00 h UTC.

As the Agenda 21 NOW! team is currently a part of a European project about borders and stereotypes, we have chosen the following theme for this year’s global conference:

Prejudices against the world -The world against prejudices

Take part in our next conference! The conference is exclusively open for registered participants. Visit our website www.agenda21now.org to sign up now. It is easy!

A lot more information for teachers and students is available on our website www.agenda21now.org.

To distribute our invitation at your school you are welcome to download and print our poster: www.agenda21now.org/2014poster.pdf.

And if you have questions, please write to us. We hope to see you on the net on 10 April!

Martin Jarrath
and the Agenda 21 NOW! team

Agenda 21 NOW! is a pilot project of the German UNESCO Associated Schools
and the UNESCO Baltic Sea Project

Contact address:

Martin Jarrath
Agenda 21 NOW! coordinator
c/o Kurt-Tucholsky-School Flensburg
D-24943 Flensburg
Phone +49 461 851350
Fax +49 461 851378
E-mail info@agenda21now.org