Tackling discrimination: My Learning Diary

The manual “Tackling discrimination: My Learning Diary” was composed by Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin, Tadeja Pirih, Eeva-Liisa Kiiskilä as part of an Erasmus+ project called “SAFER”.

The authors reconized that educators and other professionals working in schools need more know-how and competence regarding how to tackle discrimination in its different forms. They must be able to recognise, manage and finally transform our classrooms and schools into safer spaces for all.

This learning diary will support educators on this journey. The diary gives them the opportunity to go back through their thoughts and journey of ”data collection”. It includes tips on how to get to the fountain of knowledge and especially challenges you to self-reflect and think. The nickname of the project “SAFER” stands for Schools Act For Equal Rights. This is what we are aiming for, to build a safer school for all children and youth.

“Tackling discrimination: My Learning Diary” manual (pdf)

As an educator, you can use this manual as an e-book or delve into its different parts in the SAFER Online Course.

This project was an international collaboration between Rauhankasvatusinstituutti, City of Kokkola, Ljubljana Pride Association, Tamsalu Gümnaasium, Osnovna šola Nove Fužine, Mondo and Noored Kooli. The European Commission is not responsible for the content of this publication.