The SAFER online training course

The SAFER online training course focuses on finding solutions and focuses especially on the school environment. Teachers and other professionals in schools need more know-how and competence on how to tackle discrimination in all its different forms.

It is clear that we need to combine our strengths and skills in multi-professional cooperation. We must be able to recognise, manage and transform our classrooms and schools into safer spaces for all. We invite you on a learning journey which combines the importance of reflection at the core of knowledge.

Educators and other professionals in schools work in demanding contexts – and in this environment, all the layers of discussion underway in society are present. When in school, we are almost always in a hurry. Many times our wish would be to get an effective lecture and workshop of a maximum of three hours that would provide a clear, practical and simple ”toolbox” for how to solve the problem of discrimination. That’s it. If only it was that easy.

When you start to read about and study the issue of discrimination, you quickly find out that it is an extremely complex phenomenon. Hate speech and other clearly visible forms of discrimination are just the peak of the phenomenon; one example of the part that we can see and hear. But the actual roots are under the surface and the historical roots are long. Perhaps this is the reason why it feels so difficult to stop discrimination from happening. We try to tackle the things that we see, but the only sustainable solution is found from the roots. We simply have to start seeing and admitting how and why these roots manifest in our lives. It is a fact that if we are not able to recognise this phenomenon from the interpersonal, the structural or the institutional level while taking the historical context into consideration, we will not be able to transform it either.

The triangle of recognising, managing and transforming is an inevitable circle in the process of tackling discrimination. This is something you will learn to see during this online training course. A relevant question is, do we as a society or individuals really want to change our society from the perspective of equality and equity? And who wants the change, who doesn’t and why?

Overall, the first question to be asked is: Do you have the courage to recognise your own role and position in the complex matter that is discrimination, a matter that needs to be solved?

You are very welcome to participate in the Safer online training course. This course was created as part of the SAFER (Schools Act For Equal Rights) Erasmus+ project. The contents of the web course are based on a manual “Tackling discrimination: My Learning Diary” composed by Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin, Tadeja Pirih, Eeva-Liisa Kiiskilä.

The course is free of charge, but we ask you to kindly register.