Estonian Model United Nations

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is an educational role play that allows participants to learn about UN decision-making process through personal experience. Such simulations are being organized around the world for high school or university students. Different MUNs add specific features to a traditional format to meet their participants’ skill level and interests.

What makes EstMUN special?

  • Estonian Model United Nations (short: EstMUN) is an entry-level educational simulation for high school students aged 15-19;
  • the programme takes place in the framework of UNESCO ASPnet activities in Estonia and thus has acclaim with Estonian National Commission for UNESCO, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Education and Research;
  • the leaders of EstMUN are a group of young volunteers that have international experience in MUN starting from early age;
  • our conference is international and thus its complete programme is in English;
  • our team is fond of experimenting with different formats:
    • in 2019, we introduced the International Media Representative work group;
    • in 2020, we organized an alternative history United Nations Security Council;
    • in 2021, we are planning to hold the first ever EstMUN International Court of Justice.

What are the committees and topics in 2021?

  • UNHCR – Empowering refugees through technology
  • Committee on biodiversity – ecosystems conservation
  • International Court of Justice (ICJ) – human rights violations in regards to the pandemic
  • UNSC – Children and armed conflict
  • International Media Representatives

What activities are planned for EstMUN 2021?