Estonian Model United Nations 2024 brought together 97 students

97 students from the Baltics and beyond took the role of a diplomat or journalist, while 8 young organizers made it all happen – thank you all!

The 14th EstMUN event also welcomed representatives from all national UNESCO offices of the Baltics, The British Council, and Kairi Saar-Isop, the director General of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia,

Feedback from the students was positive: they enjoyed the diversity and intrigue of international relations and diplomacy, and found new confidence to share their perspective while appreciating the perspectives of others. Most importantly, they had fun and made new friends while doing it!

Read more about the topics of the event and the format. Find the photos of the event on Maailmakool Flickr page.

Pictured: The volunteers behind organising EstMUN 2024. If you are interested in joining the volunteer organisers team, then please write estmun@mondo.org.ee.