EstMUN 2021

EstMUN 2021 will happen online on June 10th-12th

EstMUN will happen online on June 10th-12th and we expect middle and high school students aged 15-19 to participate if they care about international relations, environment, human rights, sustainable development, diplomacy, journalism, changing the world and practising English in a diverse and safe environment. A short one-page poster can be shared with the students to describe it in a nutshell.

Teachers are also invited to attend the event as observers. Teachers can observe the debates, have discussions with each other and share their feedback and tips with the chairs and the organizers.

EstMUN participants will discuss the next topics:

  • UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency): “Improving refugees’ living standards through the implementation of new and adaptative technologies” (NB! This committee is taking part in the MUN Refugee Challenge!) – cancelled due to the lack of applicants
  • UNFCCC COP (Conference of the Parties on UN Framework Convention on Climate Change): “Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation”
  • ICJ (International Court of Justice): “Case of Nisour Square Massacre” 
  • UNSC (United Nations Security Council): “Children in Armed Conflicts: Civil War in South Sudan” – cancelled due to the lack of applicants
  • MEDIA (Representatives of International Media Outlets): “Creating a narrative: How media ownership and personal bias influences public discourse”


Applying to the conference 

Applications can be sent until May 31st (the end of the day). We ask teachers to apply to the event using the same form as the students. The organizers will send out confirmation e-mails with logistical information and lists of committees and countries not later than June 1st so that participant have time to prepare their roles.

What activities have already happenned during EstMUN 2021 programme?

International webinar “Global challenges and opportunities of the 21th century: responsibilities of individuals and nations” on February 18th

Infohour for teachers on March 31st (infohour PDF presentation)

Committee infohours, May 3-7

Estonian Model United Nations programme of 2021 is part of the activities of Estonian UNESCO ASPnet schools. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is supporting the programme from the national budget.