Valga Schools Welcome a Unique Guest from Tibet

Since last spring different Valga Schools offer their students career training courses. The main aim of these courses is to help young people to decide what to do after graduation, but we also devote some of our time to Global Education themes. Career training courses take place once a month on Friday and usually last for 5 hours. Over the year, there were altogether seven of them.

In April, we organised a special event about Asia so that those students who do not take a career training course could also participate in it and learn something new.

Valga Gümnaasiumi_The Colourful World_Sushi töötuba

Foto: Valga Gümnaasium

Sushi making workshop

Our day started in the school kitchen. Nori sheets, sushi mats and boiled rice were prepared beforehand and already waiting for students. Luckily, there were a few students who had some experience with making sushi and who kindly helped to organise and run the entire event. During the workshop, half of the group was rolling and shaping the sushi rolls and others were making the Japanese spring rolls. Laughter was part of the process and after an hour and half there was a lot of tasty food waiting for hungry students. 

A unique visitor from Tibet

The school had invited a traveller Roy Strider and a Tibetan Dolma to talk about their interesting life to students. The guests brought a Tibetan dog Karma with them as well. The whole school listened to their adventurous stories with pleasure. Roy Strider translated when Dolma was telling her story. The dog, however, was only sleeping during the entire day. Students had a lot of questions and our guests were more than happy to answer them.

Valga Gümnaasiumi_The Colourful World_Jaapani töötuba_sushi

Foto: Valga Gümnaasium

Japanese workshop

The aim of the Japanese workshop was to put students into a new situation. The ordinary classroom was turned into a Japanese style room. Quiet music, incense smoke and cherry blossoms helped further to create the right atmosphere. To enter the room, students had to go through a 66 cm door and once inside, everybody had to remove their shoes and place them near the entrance. All visitors were welcomed by the house ladies who wore traditional Japanese style garments. They led the guests silently to sitting mats on the floor and offered some Chinese tea. Students drank their tea in a traditional Japanese way.  

Valga Gümnaasiumi_The Colourful World_tüdrukud Jaapanlannadena

Foto: Valga Gümnaasium

Japanese traditions were introduced by two geishas, played by the 11th grade students. They gave each guest a pair of chopsticks who then tried to eat sushi and spring rolls (prepared in the morning workshop) with them.

25 students who participated in the Japanese workshop enjoyed the good food and when the workshop ended, each guest bowed to their hosts before leaving the tea room.

Tibetan workshop

Valga Gümnaasiumi_The Colourful World_Tiibeti töötuba

Foto: Valga Gümnaasium

The room where the workshop took place was decorated by a Tibetan flag and papers with well-wishing prayers written on them. Students were sitting on carpets and pillows and listened to a Tibetan woman, a Dolma, who talked about high mountains. Tibetan music was playing in the background and in the middle of the classroom was a camping stove because Dolma was simultaneously talking and making a traditional Jaki tea. Students were surprised that butter and salt were added to tea. The smell was also very different from what we are used to. Everybody who wished had a chance to try it – some said the tea was good, some found it disgusting. Dolma also sang students an old Tibetan children’s song.

Students who participated in the “Colourful World” project liked it immensely and would gladly see something similar to take place again. The project was supported by the MTÜ Mondo.Mondo-Maailmakool-ja-Eesti-Arengukoostöö-300x90